4.14 Waterton Canyon

Round with biker.jpg

I feel like the warm seasons are finally here!

Why now, you ask?

Because we just dove into some outdoor Colorado adventures- all while cruising on 29’s.

Our new bikes have 29” tires, of which the sales lady explained is all the rage for mountain bikes, versus the older 26” models.

Heck, had she recommended 42” tricycles for the rough terrain we anticipated traversing, I’d be a solo circus act right now.

tall mountain.jpg

Waterton Canyon was our first destination for the summer, the path lined almost entirely with a swerving, rocky river and where, if you’re lucky, you may run into some other high altitude adventurers.


The main takeaway for me wasn’t regarding the surroundings or riding posture, but rather my riding posterior.  My immediate, next investment will be bike shorts- the very padded kind.  I mean, I want pillow butt.

outside view.jpg

When we got home, I dabbled again in meat meals, trying my hand this time at some beef roast with zinfandel and mushroom gravy.

roast beef dinner.jpg

Although the meat was cooked perfectly inside, the texture was still slightly chewy.  You see, when you bake a bread to the right temperature, it’s always perfect.

So meat lovers, I need some help!

Garlic Butterflake Rolls

Good thing I made something to boost my confidence afterwards.

Strawberry Sponge Cake.jpg

And serving this brought some of that sugar swag back!

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