3.14 Miami Beach

Now, I know what you’re going to say when I tell you where I had to fly for work this past week…

Miami Beach Sunrise

…but it wasn’t all play in Miami Beach.

I had never been there before but it was everything I pictured it to be from TV.  It had an LA vibe with the flashiness of Vegas if this city were located in Cuba.

Palm trees, short shorts, beach hustling with a scantily clad and edgy, gorgeous youth population running the streets.  The flashy part is a combination of bright colors and fashion along with cha-cha-cha ching.

Miami Beach

Shiny red and blue cars worth double my annual salary would cruise by carrying models rockin’ the hottest clothes and shades from magazine covers.  It’s possible they believe that real life is just like a music video.  And, I suppose for them it may be.  As I walked by in my casual sandals paired with a pair of fancy work pants, there was an audible wince emitted from the passengers.  They do not know what they’re missing…ahh, comfort.

I was fortunate enough to enjoy some company-funded wining and dining at a couple of places, including Meat Market on Lincoln Street right in the center of all the action.  Everyone dines outside in Miami Beach and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect with cool breezes bringing a balance to the warm, humid air that surrounded us.  And of course you can count on me to drag everyone into the giant candy store on the way home.

Miami Beach Lincoln Street

My hotel opened onto the beach and I made sure to spend some early mornings and late evening visiting the quiet shore.

The only sure-fire trick to avoid the spring breakers?

Be shoreside for sunrise.

Florida Beach

That will be about an hour after all the party people have face-planted in their someone’s bed.  I was only disturbed once by two very large Swedish men in robes who decided to share my same patch of sand when the entire shoreline was vacant.  They promptly disrobed to flaunt their miniature speedos for me and the crowd of attentive seagulls.

To save you all the same fate, I moved down the shore enough to get a pic of the view, minus the jiggling coconuts.

Miami Beach Florida Sunrise

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