Triple Berry Frosting Cake and A Lesson in Frying Donuts

Berry Bundt Cake

Let’s talk for real.

Life is getting a little crazy.

Between taking some evening classes, traveling for work, pretending to know what a snowboard is and trying to figure out if “modern lodge chic” is really what I’m going for in my barren living room or if it’s ultimately just “garage sale driveway chic”, I’m running out of time to send you recipes!

But believe you me, magical things are happening in my kitchen.

I conducted another bake-a-thon this past weekend where I made cakes, cookies, bread and pastries.  And I crammed it all into one action-packed day while packing and cleaning the house simultaneously.

I hope to get them out to you soon but have a hectic few days ahead.  I think on this trip, I’m going to try to take you with me.  Although photos of conference rooms may not be all that exciting, I’d still like you to see what I’m up to.

And I’ll be sending you something delicious mid-week regardless, so be ready.

One of my experiments this weekend was to make a berry-fied cake, but without putting the berries on the inside.  So I put them outside.

Triple Berry Frosting Cake

Don’t “ew” me!

It was totally delicious.  It’s like I made a life size Homer Simpson donut.  Mmmm…berry cake-donut…

But I can understand maybe why others don’t do this often.  Not super popular visually outside of a Mardi Gras Cake.  But look at that crumb.  A work of art.

Light Pound Cake Bundt Cake

Oh, and then there were these donuts.

bakery style donuts from scratch

I adored my last batch with better-than-Krispy-Kreme glaze but wanted a slightly puffier actual donut.

So boy, did I make big ones.  I made a softer dough with less flour and rolled them super thick before cutting in the hopes that they’d rise hugely to yield a fluffy product.

yeast donuts second rise

They were definitely fluffier than my last batch.  The 350F oil temp fried my first few to dark golden and crisp outsides.  I dropped my oil temp to 325F and fried them quickly to get a light, soft exterior.

And although the insides of the lighter ones were creamy and dreamy, it wasn’t until I took a bite of the darker ones that I realized what flavor the darkness gave!  The flavor was more rounded and deep.  It really was the favorite, even with a less soft center.

Now, how do I get the outside crispy and brown to add flavor while keeping the inside soft and creamy?

Any ideas?

yeast donut bakery style

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2 Responses to Triple Berry Frosting Cake and A Lesson in Frying Donuts

  1. Baker Boonce says:

    The only times I ever really miss home is when I see you post all these scrumptious delicacies; why, oh why, can’t these be sent my way…with you carrying them to my front door!! That berry cake looks like the result of Aunt Vera’s strawberry cake reproducing with Grandma’s pound cake, and I want it!

  2. hungrygems says:

    Yes and yes but with many berries invited to the party and no limb casualties with animal-shaped cakes. When you return, we shall feast!

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