Amish Yeast Rolls, Chocolate Oatmeal Cake and Homemade Pasta Alfredo

homemade fettucini from scratch

This past weekend was full of delicious, delightful carbohydrates.

And believe it or not, I didn’t even complete the list of items I wanted to make.

Many (un-pictured) cookies were eaten this weekend.

There were some giant, rich sour cream and butter Amish rolls that got slathered and massaged with everything from softened butter to chive and cilantro yogurt dip to ultra-tart cherry jam.

Amish Yeast Roll Recipe

Their sweetness and density, but soft nature, made it an accomplishment to finish a whole one in a single sitting.  But I managed to do this.  Every day so far since Saturday.

And then there was this chocolate oatmeal cake. Unfortunately it was indeed moist, but just not a winner.  I had high hopes as it had been reviewed so favorably on another blogger’s site.  I think it was missing some flavor and simply adding more and more sweetness was not the answer to said blandness.

Oatmeal chocolate chip cake recipe

If I don’t love it or if I don’t have a positive lesson or experience to share with you, I just cannot post the recipe and stand behind it.

So we shall move on to pasta making!  Yep, aside from the ridiculously irresistible homemade gnocchi that I made over the holidays, this was my first from scratch pasta.

Fettuccini with thick alfredo sauce was our dinner.  I used a little cornstarch to thicken it slightly as runny alfredo is an unpalatable offender.  I also added much more garlic and some salt while omitting half a cup of the grated cheese  Topped with crispy and spicy shrimp to add crunch, it was a super successful endeavor.

fettucini alfredo with shrimp from scratch

One would think I’d be exhausted of floury foods at this point, but sadly for my stretched out jeans, this was not the case.

I’m already planning what is on the agenda for this upcoming weekend!

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