2.14 Snowboarding Day 2: Breckenridge

Gondola Ride

My second adventure as a snowboarder was spent at Breckenridge.

Instead of the steep, medium-sized hill that used its mischievous, slick surface to swipe my board out from under me at every teetering moment like at Arapahoe Basin, Breck’s baby bunny hill was packed with puffy pow- that’s snowboarding lingo for fresh snow.

As a matter of fact, there was so much fresh powder that my board seemed to be lulled into a sedated state by the white fluff, allowing me better control as I inched my way down the hill horizontally facing the base of the hill.


Unfortunately, much less improvement was noticed when trying that same exercise facing backwards, shifting the weight to my toes to maintain an upright position.  That’s the tricky one.

Breckenridge, Colorado Pass

It didn’t help that the snow kept whirling by creating storms of foggy white every five minutes.  At one point, I remember making it halfway down using (some) control but before I knew it I was lying down again face first as if forced to make a snow angel upside down by a gang of bullying snowflakes.

When I finally cleared my face of the icy debris, I looked up just in time to see that three other beginners further up the slope had fallen subject to the same fate during the wintery tornado that had swept through.  It was as if Mother Nature had been feeling a little down lately and needed a good laugh.  She probably calls it Newbie Snow Bowling.

Breckenridge Gondola

You know what can make any day on the slope better?  Riding the gondolas!  Yep,  whenever I needed to clear my mind – or my pants of snow that dove inside during a wipe out – I hitched a relaxing ride on the gondola.  Just awesome.

But as for the snowboarding itself?

According to my calculations, if I can just complete 5, 437 more days of practice like I did at Breck, I think I’ll be ready to hit the real slopes in no time.

Giddy up.

Breckenridge Gondola Ride Colorado

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