2.14 Snowboarding Day 1: Arapahoe Basin

Arapahoe Basin Colorado

I did it!

I survived lesson one of snowboarding.  And it was everything people said it would be: wonderful, awful, exhilarating, excruciating, fun and the complete, total opposite of anything fun, ever.

And to the answer the million dollar question posed to every first-timer who completes day one, “Will you return for day 2?”

I shall, indeed.

Now, let me tell you one thing that I found shocking.  I was certain that the first day of snowboarding would include a significant chunk of time spent on balance.  I mean, how do those people on TV stay upright without toppling over unless they had yogi-like balance?

A-Basin Snowboarding

That is actually the easy part.  Almost all of us in the class surfed down the mountain looking like pros at some point.  However, this was a clear sign that we failed the exercise on controlled horizontal movement and therefore were plummeted downwards in an out of control fashion, complete with flailing arms and the occasional murderous shriek.

But damn we looked cool for those few seconds.

Yep, going straight down is easy.  So long as you don’t ever have to turn, stop swerve or dismount.  Basically, as long as you are going down a never-ending hill that paces you at a comfortable speed, you are golden.

But should you actually have to turn, swerve or stop to yell at the little kid who just whizzed too close to you on skis no longer than your arm while sticking out his tongue, you are in big trouble.  Big.

And don’t plan on catching that little kid.  Both because he’s way better than you (as demonstrated by his continued momentum downhill while you swear under your breath from a road kill position mid-slope) and because it’s going to happen again.  And again.  And again.

Snowboarding Lesson in Colorado

I knew I was in for a bumpy ride when the instructor, after realizing everyone else in the group had tried snowboarding or a similar sport before, was stretching to make me feel equally as comfortable.

“Have you tried skateboarding before?”




“Slolam water skiing?”

At that point I felt the need to clarify that this was my first time on a snowy mountain.  Ever.  Because if slalom water skiing was third on the list, I knew anything after was pointless in vocalizing.

Sunday morning I was still getting moments of dizziness from the hard hits endured during my lesson, but it may have been for the better.  There was nothing worth being attentive for during the Super Bowl anyways.

Colorado Skiing and Snowboarding Arapahoe Basin

I’ve got upcoming plans to venture out into day 2, and look forward to catching up with you then!

Oh, and sorry about the pics.  All I had was my iPhone and it died shortly after the few you see here.  Then again, how many photos of me lying face first in the snow can one possibly take?

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