5K for a New Year

Caramelized Onion Galette

If only it were that easy.

Save up $5,000, trek over to LifeBank and pay to upgrade to a more gratifying new year.

One year ago today, I was going about my business in Chicago with a burning desire to get more out of my life.  I saw no magical street signs to guide me to this intangible place and all of my attempts to push myself outside of my comfort zone ended in squelched momentum.

Little did I know that a handful of months later, I would have the opportunity to move to a state out west with my best friend in the whole world and experience a new beginning.  And so on day one of 2014, in the most relaxed mindset in years, I walked a 5K with people I’d otherwise never have known while in a breathtaking, mountainous climate previously untraversed by anyone in my family.

I think it’s important to remember what one year can do.

Whether in a discouraging job, frustrating relationship or whether a feeling of unfulfillment lurks alongside you from time to time, it’s not only reassuring but completely truthful that in one year- or even a few months- your life can change completely, possibly in the works and unbeknownced to you at this very moment.

Just don’t stop reaching for change.

Commitment Day 5K

And make sure you get your head out of the iCloud long enough to screen for those sparse, pivotal opportunities that pop in and out of your life so quickly.

Not being a huge fan of New Year’s festivities, I spent my Eve watching a triology of movies:  Parental Guidance, Magic Mike and Les Miserables.

I think it’s fair to say my mood was undeterminable and so I indulged all the moods in attendance that evening.

Commitment Day Denver

On New Year’s Day, we went downtown to walk our 5K with some friends and followed it up by showering ourselves in the flow of gifts from the swag booths.

5K Zico dark chocolate

And then to reward ourselves for such utter exertion…ahem…I made a cornmeal galette.

I edited the original recipe to include sausage as well as some dried sage, marjoram and red pepper flakes.

sausage and onion galette

Flaky, crispy and savory with a nod to sweetness from the cornmeal and the caramelized onions, it was a home run for my guy.

It may have helped that I threw in a little beer at the end of the caramelizing process to give those onions that “Brat me. Now.” allure.

Cornmeal Galette Recipe

Well, it’s onwards and upwards into 2014.

Cheers to both your New Year and mine.

‘Twas a Week After Christmas last year, and not much has changed this year.

Check it out!

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