(A New) Home for the Holidays

Christmas Lights in Denver

Christmas was quite different this year.

The only snowflakes to be found were those that had fallen upon a creamy chocolate swirl.

snowflake cake

The weather seemed to confuse even the snootiest of cold weather complainers.


If it weren’t for the jogging Santas in the park donning full costumes with bells attached at the ankles, you’d be hard-pressed to see any signs of Jack Frost’s relatives at all.  Those red-robed runners took very seriously the lyrics “jingle all the way”.

jogging santas

I believe that Christmas Eve last year included a steaming bowl of egg foo young, but this year, I was popping roasted brussel sprouts by the fistful as I gazed into the Christmas tree.  Mmm….they’re delicious, nutritious and actually kinda festive with layers of Grinch-y green.

While embracing my new home for the holidays, I decided to turn Christmas dinner upside down as well.

I made ricotta gnocchi from scratch with a creamy vodka sauce and served it up with some sourdough garlic bread.  Truth be told, it may be the best savory dish I’ve ever made.

gnocchi and vodka cream sauce

The snowflake vanilla cake was smoothed over in a milk chocolate frosting and a zesty Italian lemon cake held its own beside it on the dessert table.

Italian Lemon Cake

My sisters and I did end up taking the traditional sister photo, even while thousands of miles apart.

It was made up of my older sister sitting on a couch and holding up her iPhone in one hand and her iPad in the other.  I was Face Time-ing with her on the iPhone and my little sister was using Skype from Spain to appear on the iPad.  Aw.

I felt very Harry Potter-esque as I would enter and leave my frame as I deemed fit.

I hope your holidays were special, no matter where you were this year.  And I hope you managed to sneak in some Grinch or Harry Potter moments to make it truly magical as well.

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