11.13 Thanksgiving and A Slightly Black Friday

roasted chicken

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

This was my first Thanksgiving out of state and away from family, so my boyfriend and I had our own dinner this year.

I made my first roasted chicken ever.

The dark meat was out of this world.

The white meat?  No juices to be found anywhere.

I was incredibly frustrated.  Not being a meat eater for the last four years, I was both mad at the lifeless slices of breast, glaring at me with heavy blame, as if I had literally drained the life blood out of them intentionally and equally mad at those who even eat that stuff in the first place.  The white meat, that is.  Why ever go white when the rarer, more succulent dark pieces are just a leg bone away?

Thanksgiving Chicken

For the sake of my white meat loving boyfriend, I tended to the suffering, dry pieces.  I used my fingers on their tiny bodies in an attempt to pump some juices from them to prove I hadn’t dried all of it up, but nothing.  Not a drop was squeezed out.

They were already gone…

It turns out that the temperature my mom had given me for cooking the bird was too high by 20 degrees.  In response to my accusation of Thanksgiving sabotage, she stated that she just took her best guess because she hasn’t used a thermometer in 40 years.  She just wiggles the thigh and when it whispers to her it’s done, she takes it out.


Lesson learned:  Never go to your mom for information when Google is only a click away.

Thanksgiving Meal Plan

Thank goodness we had a ton of other items on the menu to dine on.

Oh, and did I mention dessert with my first homemade ice cream too?

Yeah, it was a big day for firsts.  Stay tuned, because my new ice cream maker will be making many appearances in the near future.

berry pie thanksgiving

And what about Black Friday, you ask?  If you recall, I am no amateur in the art of the Black Friday shop-a-thon.  This wasn’t my first rodeo, but it was my first in Denver.

Last year in Chicago, we went to a huge outlet mall at 3am.  We had to park a mile away and walk from a McDonalds near the highway to even gain access while the biting wind ripped at our exposed skin.  News cameras were rolling to report the chaos well underway, red velvet ropes tamed lines of rowdy customers outside high demand stores, elbows were thrown and received as competitors clawed their way through the mob and claustrophobic people were wheeled out on stretchers.

So exciting!

I rarely buy much, but I really enjoy the kick off to the holidays, the late night adventures and the often hilarious memories made with good friends.

Sadly, much like Halloween in Colorado, I’m not sure if anyone here got the memo that there was a nationwide event that they were supposed to partake in.

Here’s what Macy’s looked like right before the big opening:

macys black friday

That’s it.

And the people were so nice.  What gives?  Even the security guard politely asked for everyone to stay in place until he gave the go ahead, even though he unlocked the doors early.  And everyone followed the rules!

And then we went to the biggest outlet mall in Colorado at 3:30am.  Totally empty.  It was as if we were awarded our own private shopping spree by some shiesty game show where the fine print said it had to be in the dark, at an ungodly hour.  And we were so happy to have won.

The Christmas music and lights, the frigid air causing us to bundle up and the laughter throughout the night was totally worth it…

outlet mall black friday

…but I do wish we had more people buzzing around us to make it feel like home.

It was kinda nice not to have any elbow throwing.

Well…maybe just one would have been fun.


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