Holidays, Meet Marich Chocolates

Marich Chocolates Nuts

When I was little, we used to go to my Aunt’s house for Thanksgiving.

As grateful as we were to have a bountiful table to feast upon for this day of gratitude, it was also a reminder to be careful what you wish for.  The bounty always included an abundance of fresh pheasant accompanied by the corresponding tale of the hunt, sauerkraut, boiled potatoes, boiled carrots and cucumber salad.

None of these items are notorious for propelling a salivating child to the table for seconds.

If it weren’t for the kielbasa, which needed to be napkin-dried of any roaming sauerkraut juices, I would have had a stomach packed with bread, butter and much too much Dr. Pepper.

During the mingling and NHL debates that traditionally followed our meal, I would meticulously evaluate the dessert table.  One of the gorgeous crystal bowls found on my aunt’s table would always be filled with beautiful, chocolate dipped nuts shining with allure.

Marich chocolate candy

Every year I would reach up and dip my hand in to sample a couple.  And sadly, every year the variety of nuts would change, but the same disappointment would follow.  They’d taste stale and chalky with an inexpensive chocolate-like coating leaving me with an inconspicuous napkin full of cocoa cud.

Oh, and did I mention that the chocolate was always devilishly dark?

First you try to persuade a child that pheasant tastes as good as turkey and then try to develop her refined taste for ultra-milk chocolate into something more sophisticated?  Yes, these were rough days, indeed.

For many years I wouldn’t buy chocolate covered nuts due to the lack of rich chocolate flavor and overpowering flavor of bitter nuts.

That is until Marich chocolates came into my life.

marich chocolates mixed nuts

I was jones-ing for something sweet when I grabbed these and tossed them in the cart.  And boy did they change my 20-year opinion on chocolate nuts.

What makes these worth sharing?  Well, I wouldn’t really know because I strategically hide them in my cabinets so I am not forced to have to share them with anyone.  But these darlings are very different from the variety of brands I’ve sampled over the years in that the chocolate itself is silky, smooth and for lack of a better word, “gourmet”.  There’s no crumbling or grain-like texture as it melts on your tongue and the draping is generous, almost making the nut and coating seem oversized in your hand.

Such a great ratio of chocolate to nut makes these indulgent enough that to finish a box in one sitting is actually too much.

The nuts themselves are mondo!  There is a beast of a milk chocolate walnut that must reflect the giant brain that worked on making this seemingly simple, and often disappointing treat into something worth raving about.

chocolate covered pecans

There’s not a soul that has tried these that hasn’t gone crazy for the creamy, nutty snacks.  The nuts are not overly toasted or bitter in any way and their glossy and satiny exterior beams with pride over its upbringing in rich and sinfully creamy tempered chocolate.

Perfectly packed in fancy boxes and bags makes for the most festive hostess gift or stocking stuffer.

Marich chocolates

The dark and milk chocolate mixed nuts is what I order and both are great, with the dark staying creamy and present without being bitter or harsh.  But I will admit that if Marich sold an all milk chocolate variety pack, I’d need them all.  Tout suite.

But their toffee milk chocolate almonds seem to do the trick.  Insanely good.

May your Thanksgiving be full of whatever deliciousness you enjoy, but don’t forget to put out a crystal bowl of Marich chocolate nuts for snacking.  The little ones (and the big ones) will thank you.

Looking for a fully chocolate fix?  I strongly recommend these Mint Chocolate Bars!

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2 Responses to Holidays, Meet Marich Chocolates

  1. Baker Boonce says:

    I definitely loved the Thanksgiving nostalgia!

    It aaaaaalmost makes me miss home…but not quite :)

    Have a good Thanksgiving, HG!

  2. hungrygems says:

    There will be much kielbasa and Marich to go around this Thanksgiving at my table! I hope yours is full of at least one thing that reminds you of home ;) Happy Turkey Day to you also, Baker Boonce.

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