Celebrating 2 Years Through 2 Photos

Happy Birthday to….



Well, to my blog at least.

It’s a mighty 2 years old.

Unlike last year where I celebrated unabashedly through sweetened ricotta comas, I’m feeling a little more reflective this year.

As I searched through some older recipes on my site, I couldn’t help but realize that those are the ones I still make most by request today.


Sadly, many of the old photos aren’t reflective of the deliciousness contained within due to my…um…developing photography skill set at that point.  So, to honor my two years in blogging and photography, I chose my most requested holiday recipe and am reshooting it.

I remember taking over 100 pictures per post with my point and shoot to try to capture a couple that were acceptable so that the viewer could actually decipher what exactly was in the image.  Plus, it was always a bonus if any white items in the picture appeared in the general family of white instead of being tinted blue, yellow or green.


I’m not going to lie- that’s still a big bonus for me nowadays too, but at least I’m well under the 100-picture mark to get there:

hungrygems.com cinnamon pecans recipe

This very simple, but very addicting cinnamon pecan recipe has some major groupies.  One friend of mine swears that even though she uses my recipe word for word, her batches are superior to everyone else’s because of the thoroughness with which she coats her pecans, even though her technique uses the same single bowl and single spoon that the rest of us use to do it.

Apparently, if you become a self-appointed coating ninja, you will produce a more irresistible product.

cinnamon pecan recipe hungrygems.com

May you try these and enjoy them so much that perhaps the delicateness with which you place them into the oven shall make yours even more superior than the Toss Master’s.

No matter how much of a frenzy overwhelms you as you reap the accolades of this simple but perfect holiday snack, remember that there’s no shame in filling ribbon-bound goody bags and then presenting them to yourself. Repeatedly.

Thank you so much for being a part of my celebration today and thanks to those of you who regularly swing by to check in on this little ripple in the web world.

Happy birthday HG!

cinnamon sugar pecan recipe hungrygems.com3

Don’t judge these books by their cover either or you’ll miss out on even more deliciousness:

Dreamy Orange Cookies and Gooey Banana Bread Oat Balls

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  2. hungrygems says:

    Thanks as always, my Baker Boonce! =)

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