Orlando 2013

feet beach

I’m still part of the “kid” group in my family, although I may not have much time left to sport that title seeing as a new generation may be on the horizon.  But I must say that it’s always good to know that there’s one place that children of all ages and sizes can come alive again.  And that would be in the most magical place on Earth.

Orlando Florida2

Orlando holds a special place in its heart for my family and friends.

palm trees beach

When my sisters and I go, we are able to pinpoint the exact Disney movie based on just a few introductory notes of a song.  In this way we keep our inner children blossoming (that is one of the more poetic ways we do that-  whining, competitiveness and ridiculous dance moves are some of the much less angelic ways)

Orlando Florida

Unfortunately, as a youngster, my boyfriend was not trained in the art of identifying Disney princesses based on crown, theme song or sidekick.

But honestly, this should be Kiddos 101 stuff here.


He blames his ignorance on having grown up in a family of boys.

Pish posh.

No excuses.

I would totally have given him partial credit for naming the more manly Disney characters, but unfortunately he struggled with those as well.


So you can imagine my utter elation when I heard humming and head bopping on our monorail ride from Magic Kingdom to Epcot (yes, you can hear the bopping if you listen carefully for the joy) – but weirdly, I could not figure out which faintly familiar Disney song he was singing.


But based on the contentment and nostalgia radiating from his face, I could tell that the park had finally brought him in touch with his inner Disney child.

When I excitedly leaned in and asked what song he was humming, he proudly replied “I Want to be Like Mike.”



So although he may have visited a different Memory Ln. – perhaps one a town over from where the rest of us were –  I think the concept had sunk in.  So much so that his littler, bright-eyed Chicago Bulls 3-peat fan from within came out to play.

Mission accomplished.  (Sorta)


Oh and FYI, do NOT YouTube that Michael Jordan commercial because the song is still stuck in my head a week later.

But let’s do something fun for our inner kids today.

I hardly think it’s fair to wait until a vacation to let them run free for a while.

Dibs on the snap bracelets and pudding pops!

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2 Responses to Orlando 2013

  1. Baker Boonce says:

    The photos of the sky look absolutely incredible!

    …as does the Mickey Mouse pretzel…why have I never seen that before?

    Is it because I always focus on my Mickey Mouse ice cream bar?


    So cool, Jess! Awesome pix!

  2. hungrygems says:

    I know! I think the pretzel is new. We def had an ice cream Mickey while toasting to you!

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