From Chi-Town to The Mile High Town


I’m a pretty safe person.

Safe as in not the gambling type. If mama needs a new pair of shoes, mama will make a plan to acquire the money over a period of time to invest in said shoes.

Weird. Please don’t call me mama.

The point is: snooze fest.

I do not often leap without measuring the time to the ground utilizing a prepared plan for impact.

Clearly, as you can see, this is a far cry from the lighthearted, free spirits that thrive in the now.


I specifically am speaking of those who start with a burning passion or inescapable summoning, that listen to their intuition and that execute the big, risky change –where either a new benchmark for happiness and growth is the outcome or a stiff, but invaluable life lesson.

I always admire the risk takers and their loyalty to their innate selves.

Maybe he set sail to another country in an attempt to win a lost love or she quit her powerful career to start up her own company- or for some, they finally muster the courage to order the grilled chicken salad instead of the loaded chili dog for lunch.

Hey, to each their own.

I want my own story! Preferably of the valiant and victorious variety.

And this time….one’s a comin’!


And I’m gettin’ on this train whether the conductor welcomes me himself or I have to coordinate a heist Leverage-style to claim a seat in the cabin (You can bet your booty regardless, when I recite my tale of take off, it will be a thrilling James Bond meets Cat Woman meets Amy Phoeler version- hey, no humor, no listeners).

So here I come.


5,820ft above fear, 1,004 miles through “what if” and many, many dreams past the past.


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2 Responses to From Chi-Town to The Mile High Town

  1. Baker Boonce says:

    Looks like you had quite the adventure on your way to Denver! I hope you bought some awesome souvenir from the World’s Largest Truckstop; like a car bobblehead or large pickle!

    Keep us posted with your new life journey!

    PS: Baked potato and coleslaw. Typical :)

  2. hungrygems says:

    Sorry, nothing from the truck stop…the line for the raccoon hats was too long. But I made sure to leave nothing behind of that baked potato and coleslaw!

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