“Twas A Week After Christmas” – A Poem for Bakers…and Eaters

Twas the week pic

Twas a week after Christmas, when all through my house,
Holiday spices still lingered, dough stains on my blouse.
The stockings now hung with the unwanted gifts,
Really, knee highs Grandma?  I really am miffed.
But there’s my new rolling pin, non-stick it is,
Through my head visions of pie crusts now whiz.
See I in my new flannels with the forgiving waistband,
Was hoping New Years would go MIA through the land.
When out of nowhere came a grumbling roar,
Something quite loud, far more bold than a snore.
Away to the fridge I flew in a flash,
For leftover pie- my own secret stash.
I hunkered down in the cozy moonlight,
And it made those berries taste even more bright.
When, what to my drifting eyes should appear,
But a glisten of gold as if missed Christmas cheer,
Down went my plate as I slowly walked nearer,
What a beautiful thing, I must see it clearer.
My heart sank slightly as I grasped it in hand,
And I tried it on now – two months later as planned.
Its sequins still glowed like an end of year party,
But in a way I looked ever so slightly more hearty,
At first I got angry thinking it shrunk,
I then pictured me at that great Christmas brunch,
I filled up my plate perhaps a few times,
And recall my voice ringing down the table like chimes,
“More cream puffs!  More cake balls!  More sprinkle-y cookies!
Come date bars!  Come cocoa!  Come on, hustle you rookies!
Pass the apple pie and the sugar cookie elves,
Pass the turtle brownies, they can’t walk themselves!”
I looked back in the mirror and caught a proud grin,
Then glanced down and noticed to my own chagrin,
I was reminded of Santa and just like his belly,
My tush shook when I laughed like a thumbprint cookie with jelly.
I spoke not a word and turned with a jerk,
Rummaged in my closet and got right to work,
It may not be sparkly but this blue dress would do,
It has a pocket on the side to fit my homemade caramels too,
See Christmas isn’t all about frivolous things,
It’s about what family, love and good toffee bark brings,
So don’t ask me how to stop a figure you think may worsen,
Because I like my thumbprint cookies with more jelly than the average person,
Years come and go and you can’t hide from change,
Embrace it and grow, seeking the beauty from each rearrange.
Go frolic and celebrate, but be careful tonight,
The rule is one cupcake in to counter each cocktail’s might.
From HungryGems it’s farewell to another great year,
And hello 2013, may you be a tasty one my dear!

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One Response to “Twas A Week After Christmas” – A Poem for Bakers…and Eaters

  1. vicki says:

    very clever! very true! Thanks for a good year of great recipes I look forward to seeing what tasty delights you have planned for 2013!

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