New Year Drool Session

I crashed on Monday.  I literally slept 24 of the 36 hours after Christmas.  I told everyone it was due to a ferocious bug my cousin had attempted to pass to me that my vigilant, scrappy immune cells were determined to keep at the periphery.  Not once did I pause to lay thoughts on the four days leading up to Christmas packed with recipe hunting, ribbon curling, door busting, caroling, nogging, Rudolph impersonating, A Charlie Brown Christmas narrating, and downing of exuberant amounts of sugar that may have possibly played a minor role in this dramatic finale performed by my body.

Christmas is like vacation to me.  I rarely sleep and always need a relaxation day after because I just don’t want to miss a moment of fun.

To relive those magically delicous moments, I have prepared a scrumptious montage as a visual tribute accompanied by artfully chosen music.  It is also living proof that, although these delectable treats are now extinct, they did once roam the earth in all their blood sugar catapulting glory.

The music you ask?  This is where the interactive portion takes place.  It allows the viewer to chose the song to pair with these tasty images that most suits their mood. You will find comfort in the knowledge that you can hum at the most pleasing volume to your ears.  I just ask that you not attempt any choreography during the show. The artist commands a certain level of respect.  Aaaaaaand…take it away!  Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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One Response to New Year Drool Session

  1. Love the slide show of pictures! Those goody bags look fantastic! And homemade caramels? Drool.

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