Inner Starlet, Meet Red Hot Blues

I love winter. 

Well, at least all the wondrously blustery and seasonally magical parts of Mother Nature’s finest until about January 15 at which point it becomes annoyingly blustery and downright evil.

Aside from the holiday season, one of my favorite parts about the cold weather is driving in my car.  Seriously.  Not the adrenaline rush of near-death experiences from icy streets, but rather the necessary closing of car windows due to the chilly wind.  This universal action officially signifies the beginning of my performance season.  With the windows drawn tight so no other car at the stoplight can hear my “unique” tone as I sing, the car becomes a safe haven for my inner Christmas starlet.  Even though the windows closed in the winter are as transparent as the windows being down in the summer, it still somehow gives me the boldness to not just add volume to my singing but choreography as well.  Perhaps it’s the same inconspicuousness that Clark Kent feels by wearing glasses.

This is also my chance to sing a solo in happiness instead of terror like when we had to sing the dreaded Tom Dooley song in chorus class in elementary school.  Ask me to run a mile for time in gym class and I’ll smile the whole way flaunting my athletic skills, but ask me to sing in front of the class and I’ll turn the color of a holly berry.  I’m pretty sure I looked up the number for child services that day.  Somebody should have definitely alerted the authorities about this forced humiliation upon America’s youth and I could have sworn I’d see a 60 Minutes episode all about it one day.  Permanently damaged by this experience, I spent the rest of my years in chorus mastering the art of lip syncing as protest, using Sunday church hymns as equally detested training grounds.

Luckily, all my stifled notes finally found a way to find freedom.  And free they fly in my car every December.  Sadly, my upper body car routine to The Jackson 5’s version of “Here Comes Santa Claus” may not bring joy to everyone the way it does to me (especially that poor old lady who gasped in disapproval at me bopping next to her at the stoplight yesterday…easy, Grinch), but this is a time to enjoy the holiday season in your own way.

I love my winter wonderland car rides in December as much as I adore eating comfy cozy foods.  I honestly don’t typically care for warm foods like soups, teas and pastas except for in those cold months.  If I can’t get my hands on something warm however, my shortcut to simulating that sensation is always a little spicy heat.  Luckily, for traveling or for winter parties, I always have my Garden of Eatin Red Hot Blues on hand for such occasions.

Spicy, flavor-packed and sprinkled with magical, red holiday dust, these chips are all you need for an instant heat wave.  The fine balance of heat exhibited by these chips I find hard for most companies to master in the spicy snack realm.  They are not too authoritatively spicy to overpower any potential underlying flavor profile but not so mild as to make you freeze after swallowing bracing for a late tingle that never shows.

Something about a blue tortilla chip adds that much more personality to these already interesting bites.  The organic blue base displays its puffed, crisped bubbles on its already texturized surface accessorized by a red and orange sprinkle of palette power.  Cayenne, paprika and onion run rampant in your mouth determined to be noticed above the satisfying crunch of the chip itself.  There is no fluorescent red powder or artificial flavor coating on this confident, natural snack.  They don’t even give the aroma of possessing a shocking kick like most spicy snacks.

I not only think of these chips during the holiday season due to the heat, but if I had to picture a savory Christmas snack being baked in the North Pole kitchen, it would be these.  They are in the shape of Christmas trees and are sprinkled with a salty, beautiful holiday dusting for extra spice…by the sassiest of the North Pole elf bakers no doubt.

After the initial crisp of the first bite and that deep corn flavor passes, you will experience a heat spreading throughout your mouth lead by familiar spices.  Swallowing leaves you tickled with heat on the roof of your mouth and after several handfuls, a tingly warm sensation successfully heats your body, immune to the snow falling outside.  For me, that inkling of a runny nose signifies a perfect heat.  The great thing too is that since there’s so much flavor in this chip, I need not eat the entire bag to feel satisfied.  I said I don’t need to…but I think “wants” should never be left out in the cold either.

If anyone you know is used to sweeter items to snack on but is interested in dipping a slipper into the spicy side, perhaps introduce them to this delectable and addictive snack. But maybe accompany their serving with a glass of milk to cool it down afterwards.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and when you need a quick toasty encounter in this nippy weather, I encourage you to try a bag of Red Hot Blues.

I have always thought that would make a great band name one day…

Performing their version of “Here comes Santa Claus” live at a paused intersection near you:  The Red Hot Blues.

Stoplights, traffic cameras, ACTION!

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2 Responses to Inner Starlet, Meet Red Hot Blues

  1. Lemon says:

    I especially like your last photo, very beautiful.

  2. hungrygems says:

    Thanks Lemon! Have a great New year!

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