Black Friday, Meet Omega 3 Munchies

It’s 2am.

I’m in the mirror rehearsing my intimidation face as if I’m posing for the front of my own personal NFL trading card.

It’s Black Friday.  And it’s game time.

This is my fourth annual Black Friday quest and truth be told, I’m more interested in the adventure itself rather than the actual merchandise on the shelves.  But it’s far more fun to be a part of a team on a mission rather than admit this to anyone.  My co-workers laughed all week giving me 4 to 1 odds in the office poll that I could take the Target Black Friday lady in a showdown (I’d agree).  Apparently my time trial map of destinations according to hours of opening as well as my own mission impossible theme song seemed a bit over the top to them.

What other day of the year can you find any and all ages in a crowded public arena spending their wages willingly at the ungodly hour of 2 in the morning?  Only one day a year provides the perfect setting for this phenomenon and I must advise everyone to experience it at least once.  The difference in the people who love it and loathe it is the mindset.  You must appreciate the adventure and if you find some of your list items to buy, the day is only that much better.

Black Friday to me means friends, finds, freaks and food.  Who could ask for more?  You drink toasty beverages, get bundled up in the winter air and get to administer your first shot of holiday frenzy directly into your veins.  Being on the go means packing snacks for a day away from the house. With a throbbing sweet tooth every morning, this one being no different, I needed something seasonally appropriate that gives me that sugar jolt .  But it also cannot distract me from my shopping causing me to dwell on how many laps in the mall it would require to burn off the giant ball of sucrose that I just ingested.

Alas, my portable friend Omega 3 Munchies.  These glorious whole walnuts caramelized in cane juice and brown rice syrup with cinnamon and sea salt are finished with a sprinkling of whole flax seeds that stick to the nuts and nestle into their delicious crevices.  The resealable blue bag allows for easy travel and fits perfectly in a shopping bag or purse to tuck away after a nibble in a long waiting line.  They smell more of nuts than cinnamon sweetness, but don’t be fooled as there was not one nut in the entire bag that had a blotchy complexion.  Every piece was encased in a shiny, glistening layer of sugar and spice.  They paired amazingly with my 2am coffee jolt and only took a few bites to satisfy my sweet urges.

You will taste the walnut first as you bite into these gems and then the nutty flax and cinnamon sweetness swoop in to remind you that you are eating a treat right.  And that sweetness lingers long after you have finished your mouthful for additional tasting pleasure.  These nuts bare no resemblance to their mall booth cousins that have a grainy coating.  They crunch together with a smooth grind. The best part about these are the smaller chunks at the bottom that perhaps got as much time in the coating bin as their perfectly large counterparts so they are a darker tone and are predominantly sugar and cinnamon accompanied by a smaller walnut sidekick.  I dig those babies right out first!

Although maybe not the best source of Omega 3 out there, these treats are Black Friday in almost every way.  They are unapologetic for what they are:  a slightly wiser option to a notorious delicious junk food.  Just as the couple who snapped pictures of their friend passed out on the bench in the Macy’s lobby this morning and just as my Aunt beamed as she explained her healthy Thanksgiving side dish to me as I watched the sweet potato float by on a sea of maple syrup, some things are unapologetically wonderful.  And this snack counts as one of them.

Happy Black Friday!

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